First of all, open a wallet in
After you opened a wallet, insert it in the home page of our website "Kesef-Kal" in the "Your Address:" line, make sure that your address is correctly, it is very important for the cashout!

To start earn satoshis (A little amount of money that transfer to bitcoin or other currency in FaucetHub), you have to complete two steps.
1. You would see this step at the homepage as well, under "Step 1", you have to click the link that would give you 20% of the end claim, after you do that, you would reffer again to our site automaticlly (after you get the link, complete the captcha, and wait amount of time that it types to you).

2. Now "Step 2" is open for you, you just have now to complete a quick captcha: (SolveMedia, CoinHive, RainCaptcha) and after that just clicking "Claim!".
Automaticlly the satoshis will transfer to your wallet in, easy money - EASY LIFE! :)

Important:You have to disable your AdBlock to recieve Satoshis (Bitcoin)!


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